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Cabinet Child Safety Locks

Cabinet Child Safety Locks

Cabinet Child Safety Locks

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One lock can baby proof the whole house

Every household holds stuff kids needn’t touch. And with our magnetic lock, only the grownups will have access to the dangers the cupboards and drawers hold.

Stick the lock behind the door and you have yourself an invisible and inaccessible cupboard. To open it simply put the magnet key close to the lock it the mechanism will open.

Infilock is all you need to baby proof every cupboard and drawer. You can take a breather from babysitting knowing Infilock has secured the dangerous items around.

Why Infilock is for you

Invisible protection- Infilock sticks from the inside to provide covert baby proofing. Your kids won’t be able to go through it!

Accessible only by grownups- No one but you will be able to open the cupboards. Only the magnetic key opens the lock so keep it close.

No more incidents- With secure cupboards, your kids won’t be able to make another mess again. The dangerous items will be unreachable!

Infilock is the ultimate choice- Baby proof all the risky places with a lock only grownups can open. Infilock keeps the curious hands away from all the dangers.

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Worst thing about baking is the cleaning. Now I don't have to worry about that!

Anne Jones

 The days of baking and a huge mess being left behind is gone. Also the mat helps a ton with baking pies and rolling out fondant.

Esperanza C. Lee

So easy to use, customer support so kind and friendly!

Deborah M. Sanchez

Could never bake without my lindasbake makes life so much easier.

Daniele W. Kelly
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